Income Protection

Get A Quote – from €10 per month. *Before Tax Relief.

The cost of cover depends on age, health status, level of cover required and plan type.

Protects regular income if it is lost due to an accident or illness.  *Tax Relief is available on the premium at the marginal rate.


About Income Protection

Income Protection up to 75% of regular income. (subject to revenue limits)

Payments are made after a deferred period measured in weeks from the date of being out of work due to the illness or accident.  The maximum ceasing age for the protection is age 65.

The deferred periods are designed to fit various needs and occupations, for example;

– 4 weeks deferred

– 8 weeks deferred

– 13 weeks deferred

– 26 weeks deferred

– 52 weeks deferred

These flexible periods allow self-employed, private sector employees, public sector employees and directors select a deferred period to match their need.

We also advise on the priority bills to protect and how to match the budget available to these priorities

Best Advice On Income Protection

Allied Financial are ideally positioned to establish that you qualify and then identify your income protection needs.

We make recommendations on the amount of income to protect, the deferred period, revenue limits and what company has the plan that will best meet your needs.

* Tax relief on premium subject to approved revenue limits and must take into account any other tax relief being claimed for Pension Planning

Call us on 096 60044 for help information and advice.

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