Life Insurance.

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The cost of cover depends on age, health status, level of cover required and plan type.

The lump sum benefit is normally used to repay loans, pay off bills, replace income, maintain lifestyle and helps to meet future financial commitments.

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Life Insurance Set Up Options

Three options to consider;

  • 1 - Life Insurance Single Life

    One person named on the policy and one lump sum payment in the event of a claim.
  • 2 - Life Insurance Joint Life

    Two people, for example spouse/partner named on the policy. Lump sum payment is made on the first death.
  • 3 - Life Insurance Dual Life

    Two people for example spouse/partner, named on the policy. Lump sum payments made on both people dying at different dates..
  • Best Option For You?

    The reasons to set up life insurance using one of the three methods will vary . We help you decide which one is best for your financial planning needs.
  • Quotation Indication

    The quotation indication shown above is based on current pricing at normal rates.

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