Serious Illness Protection

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The cost of cover depends on age, health status, level of cover required and plan type.

As medical science improves the chances of recovery from serious illnesses this type of cover is very important in having comprehensive financial planning and protection.


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About Critical Illness Protection

Please see some important information to consider before making any decision on Serious Illness Protection.

Benefits / Tax Free Cash - Suitable Plans / Best Advice

  • Benefits /Tax Free Cash

    This type of protection delivers a tax free cash lump sum on diagnosis of a specified illness. A comprehensive list of illnesses are protected, including, cancer and cardiac conditions. The specified illness are defined in the policy terms and conditions provided by the life Insurance Company when policies are underwritten and issued to customers. Serious Illness Protection is complementary to all other health - care plans as it can provide cash to pay salary, maintain lifestyle, pay off mortgage or any unsecured loans or any other bill that would need to be cleared.
  • Suitable Plans / Best Advice

    As Financial Brokers, we assess your needs and make recommendations based on best advice that is relevant to your unique financial needs. There are different plans from each company and our advice also includes explaining the difference and recommending the best option for you.

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