Choosing the right life insurance cover for you and those closest to you is important and will provide
many great benefits, not least peace of mind that should something happen to you, your family will
be protected financially.

Peace of mind for you & your family

Life can be unpredictable, but with the right insurance cover in place, you’ll always have peace of mind.

Whether you’re looking for protection for your family, cover for your home, your income or serious illness cover we can help you find the right insurance plan, with the right financial advice.
Whether you have an existing policy or are about to pay for a new one, we will run a comparison search to see how your premiums can be reduced.
We all have different needs when it comes to insurance and Allied Financial is here to help you choose the right insurance policy for you, with the right financial advice.

Based in Ballina, Co Mayo, the team at Allied Financial will offer you sound financial advice on life insurance options.

At Allied Financial we ask YOU – Do you need life insurance and how much?

If you have a young family, you will need more life cover than if your children are older, because the benefit will have to last longer. You need to consider buying enough insurance to:
● Give your family an income for as long as they need it
● Pay off your loans or mortgage (you may already have mortgage protection insurance for your mortgage)
● Cover bigger costs that might arise in the future, such as college expenses for your children

You may need life insurance if:
● Your family or others rely on you for financial or other support – for example, they rely on you for your salary, or the work you do in the home or family business
● You have any loans or debts that your family could not pay if you died. Bear in mind you may already have mortgage protection insurance for your mortgage
● You act as a guarantor on a mortgage for someone


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