Margaret Conmy QFA, BFS

My name is Margaret, let me tell you my story;

“I decided to leave my career in Banking in 2012 and go out into the big bad world where I joined New Ireland as an Agent, advising on financial matters such as Life Cover, Illness cover, Income Protection, Investment and Pensions. I moved on after three years and joined Allied Financial, Ballina, Co Mayo and became a financial broker, where I found my new home. After 7 years I am still happily advising my clients at Allied Financial in Ballina.

When I left the bank, I was too young to go out on pension, and did not know too much about the in’s and out’s of the options available to me when I reached that age. As it turned out the bank said I had to do something with my pension when I became 60. I either had to take the banks offering then or take my pension pot out and invest it with an Insurance Company until I was ready to retire.

I did not want to go out on Pension at age 60, because I was still gainfully employed and would end up paying too much tax.

So I researched my options, and the different companies on the market offering the service I required to invest my pension fund until I reach age 66, which is pension age in Ireland. I will be looking at my retirement options next year, when I will have a number of options to choose from.

I have helped some of my colleagues from banking to do the same with their pension fund. Each individual is unique and has a different set of circumstances, and a different story. I find that for most people “Cash is King” and I helped them maximize their tax free cash at retirement while giving them access to the balance of their fund, should they need to make a big purchase, or make lifestyle choices that they would not ordinarily be able to afford.

I have been through this journey myself, and I know how to advise people like me who left a job in the bank and probably took a redundancy package before they reached age 60. If you are coming up to this age, and are wondering where to go to get proper impartial advice from someone who has been that soldier, well get in touch !

I am a familiar face in the locality, I meet clients face to face, and deal with their queries and concerns in a timely, and efficient manner. There is absolutely no obligation to go any further after our first chat, and anything that you say to me is taken in the strictest of confidence. I feel I have a genuine commitment to my clients’ financial well-being, my approach-ability and local presence contribute to create a strong client-adviser relationship. I’m still on my journey.”

Margaret says; “You will get a hands on, personal service from me and all my colleagues at Allied Financial. Call me at 096 60044 or email,

“I’m on your side.”