You work hard for your money, to support your family and your future plans. That’s why we advise our clients to put your money to work for you and your loved ones, as soon as possible. 

Every Little bit Counts 

If you feel you can only afford to save a fiver a week, you might also think ‘what’s the point’? But we say, if you save €5 a week, which adds up to €20 a month, soon you have saved €260 in the year.  Add a little bit extra to that savings every month and all your savings will add up, and there’s the point! 

Have a Plan

If you decide to do nothing, then that is the plan you’re going with, and by taking that plan of action, you are signing yourself up to lose money in the future. 

Confront your fears

When we talk about Pensions, some of us run for the hills or bury our heads in the sand -We’ll start tomorrow, we’ll commit to it tomorrow. But if you knew that for every €6 you give, you receive €10 back, would you do it then?  This is exactly how a pension works, and anyone paying tax should be placing money into a pension. Giving money to the tax man is not what we encourage anyone to do, so take that 6euro today and by adding to it now, you have your pension for tomorrow! 

Ask for Advice 

We know that for many when stocks and shares, and investing in bonds are discussed, people tune out or go to the old reliable source of investing; PROPERTY!  But stop and consider this for a minute, by contacting your local financial advisor, i.e., Allied Financial, we can source investment opportunities on the market and depending on your view to risk, make calculated informed recommendations for you to choose from!  

Dump that Credit Card 

Are you so disciplined that you religiously manage the credit card, pay it off monthly without incurring charges? Congrats if you are one of these rare people, you certainly are in the minority and you don’t need it! 

Take Care Financially

Should you be fortunate enough to come into money you weren’t expecting, you have the choice to use the money for some future financial planning, OR spend it NOW on all the things I/We like to do as a family. It will happen and you will have to make the decision to Spend or Save?

Learn to Budget  

This is the biggest step you can take to stop living from paycheck to paycheck. It can also help stop you from having periods when you go crazy with spending and end up blowing all of your money for the rest of the month. 


 How To Make a Personal Budget in 6 Easy Steps

Obsessed with Saving 

Yes, saving for a rainy day is good, Yes having a nest egg squirreled away is great, should you lose your job or be presented with an unforeseen bill. But savings are meant to be used for these reasons and we advise you use your savings instead of borrowing money, if you had to. Interest costs on borrowings out way the savings nest egg you’ve built up in the bank. Don’t pay out when you have money lying idle in the bank. 

Call Now 

If you are in the process of deciding on starting a pension or wish to reevaluate your current financial plans and policies, get in touch with the team at Allied Financial. Give us a Call at 096 60044 or email